Week 2 Rankings (2014): Top 40 Running Backs

by Ray Kuhn

After one week, we now must resist the urge to overreact to what happened. But again at the same time, we are now started to see a new season’s worth of trends established. Let’s take a look at how the running backs are ranked for this week.

  1. LeSean McCoy – Philadelphia Eagles – at Indianapolis
  2. Matt Forte – Chicago Bears – at San Francisco
  3. Adrian Peterson – Minnesota Vikings – vs. New England
  4. Giovanni Bernard – Cincinnati Bengals – vs. Atlanta
  5. Jamaal Charles – Kansas City Chiefs – at Denver
  6. Arian Foster – Houston Texans – at Oakland
  7. Marshawn Lynch – Seattle Seahawks – at San Diego
  8. Montee Ball – Denver Broncos – vs. Kansas City
  9. DeMarco Murray – Dallas Cowboys – at Tennessee
  10. Le’Veon Bell – Pittsburgh Steelers – at Baltimore
  11. Eddie Lacy – Green Bay Packers – vs. New York Jets
  12. Andre Ellington – Arizona Cardinals – at New York Giants
  13. Shane Vereen – New England Patriots – at Minnesota
  14. Knowshon Moreno – Miami Dolphins – at Buffalo
  15. Alfred Morris – Washington Redskins – vs. Jacksonville
  16. Reggie Bush – Detroit Lions – at Carolina
  17. Frank Gore – San Francisco 49ers – vs. Chicago
  18. Chris Johnson – New York Jets – at Green Bay
  19. Rashad Jennings – New York Giants – vs. Arizona
  20. Toby Gerhart – Jacksonville Jaguars – at Washington
  21. Zac Stacy – St. Louis Rams – at Tampa Bay
  22. Doug Martin – Tampa Bay Buccaneers – vs. St. Louis
  23. Ben Tate – Cleveland Browns – vs. New Orleans
  24. Pierre Thomas  – New Orleans Saints – at Cleveland
  25. Fred Jackson – Buffalo Bills – vs. Miami
  26. Justin Forsett – Baltimore Ravens – vs. Pittsburgh
  27. Shonn Greene – Tennessee Titans – vs. Dallas
  28. Joique Bell – Detroit Lions – at Carolina
  29. Steven Jackson – Atlanta Falcons – at Cincinnati
  30. CJ Spiller – Buffalo Bills – vs. Miami
  31. Darren Sproles – Philadelphia Eagles – at Indianapolis
  32. Mark Ingram – New Orleans Saints – at Cleveland
  33. Ryan Matthews – San Diego Chargers – vs. Seattle
  34. Ahmad Bradshaw – Indianapolis Colts – vs. Philadelphia
  35. Maurice Jones-Drew – Oakland Raiders – vs. Houston
  36. Stevan Ridley – New England Patriots – at Minnesota
  37. Dexter McCluster – Tennessee Titans – vs. Dallas
  38. Danny Woodhead – San Diego Chargers – vs. Seattle
  39. Bernard Pierce – Baltimore Ravens – vs. Pittsburgh
  40. Trent Richardson – Indianapolis Colts – vs. Philadelphia


  • Do not panic. Yes, I know Jamaal Charles didn’t make it past the third or fourth pick in just about every draft and he was terrible Week 1. To say that Charles let down fantasy owners would be an understatement. Four catches for 15 yards and seven carries for 19 yards aren’t going to help anyone but your opponent win. The only good news here is that if your team was strong enough to win with Charles’ let down, then it could be a good sign for the coming weeks. Even though the Chiefs fell behind early against Tennessee and never really had a chance to win, there is still no excuse for Charles only getting 11 touches. Yes he only gained 34 yards, but still that is just inexcusable. Andy Reid has already said it was a mistake and it will not happen again. While the Chiefs will likely have a tough time with the Broncos this week, look for Charles to be more involved and also to find the end zone.
  • After Week 1 it looks like the Dolphins knew something other teams did not by signing Knowshon Moreno. Moreno did get off to a slow start in training camp and the division of work between him and Lamar Miller was up in the air, but we got a little more clarity against the Patriots. Of the two, it looks like Moreno is the running back to own but both have value and started the season off on the right foot. Both running backs had success running the ball, but Moreno was the go option with 24 carries compared to 11 for Miller. Against a talented New England defense, especially in the second half, Miami did not have an issue moving the ball on the ground as Moreno gained 124 yards while Miller chipped in with 59. Miller was also targeted five times in the passing game catching four passes for 19 yards and a touchdown while Moreno added a touchdown on the ground.
  • For starters, it would be nice for the Browns to cooperate and provide us with a true update regarding Ben Tate’s status. At this point let’s assume that Tate is going be active, but even if he is active I’m not sure it will be at 100%. So then, what do we make of Cleveland’s backfield? Prior to leaving the game, Tate did have success running six times for 41 yards, and he is still the one to own, but Terrence West also has some value. In fact this week West might be the better play as he also had success against Pittsburgh gaining 100 yards on 16 carries. Unfortunately we have to add another variable to the situation, as Isaiah Crowell also got some work carrying the ball five times, gaining 32 yards and more importantly scoring two touchdowns. I am not sure that is something we can count on every game, and West looked comfortable, leaving Crowell as the third option. What I did find to be interesting is that none of the Cleveland backs were even targeted in the passing game.
  • We know that Saints are talented on the offensive side of the ball. However the issue is that there is too much talent and the Saints like to spread the wealth around. Nowhere is that more prevalent than in the backfield. At this point I think we can narrow the discussion for fantasy relevance down to two, Pierre Thomas and Mark Ingram, but that also doesn’t mean that Khiry Robinson should be off everyone’s radar. He had just six touches compared to 14 for Ingram and 13 for Thomas. It looks like Ingram will be the workhorse running the ball as he carried the ball 13 times for 60 yards and two touchdowns. Thomas had seven carries for 31 yards but as expected he led the running backs with seven targets and six catches for 58 yards. It is hard to forecast touchdowns so in PPR leagues I still give Thomas the slight edge, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see Ingram lead the running backs in touches each week.
  • When talking about the Ravens backfield for this week, and perhaps the next few, the discussion comes down to just two running backs; Justin Forsett and Bernard Pierce. Pierce started the game carrying the ball six times for 14 yards, but his day came to a premature end after fumbling. Forsett then came in and gained 70 yards on just 11 carries and scored a touchdown, while also catching five passes for 14 yards. I would expect to see Pierce have a bigger role this week, but Forsett is still the guy to target in this backfield, at least until Lorenzo Taliaferro is ready.
  • Could it really be that the Jets offense can support two running backs? In Week 1 that was certainly the case, but I wouldn’t bank on it moving forward. Chris Ivory was the leading rusher gaining 102 yards on 10 carries, but the majority of that came on a 71 yard touchdown run. The number one back is Chris Johnson as he had 19 touches, five receptions for 23 yards and 13 carries for 68 yards, while also adding a receiving touchdown. While he is not the same player he was in 2009, Johnson still can find the hole and do some damage. If he keeps this up, Johnson will be a consistent RB2 all season.

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  1. Jim says:

    Here’s my team Standard League..
    Matt Ryan
    Russell Wilson
    Jamaal Charles
    Demarco Murray
    Andre Ellington
    Toby Gerhart
    Lamar Miller
    Ray Rice
    A.J. Green
    Roddy White
    Keenan Allen
    Mike Wallace
    Michael Crabtree
    Phil Dawson
    Carolina DEF
    I’m dumpiing Ray Rice with everyone else this week..
    Should I grab..
    Mark Ingram
    Terrance West
    James Starks
    Justin Forsett
    Kendell Wright
    I’m thinking about grabbing Josh Gordon, because I really could use another stud wide receiver.

  2. Smidge says:

    I have McCoy and Bush as 1 and 2… I have MJD as my only backup on the bench
    I can pick up A. Bradshaw or B. Pierce.. and drop MJD would it be worth it?.. WR on the bench are Maclin, D. Baldwin, and Terrance Williams.. any of those worth a drop?
    I got slaughtered last week…

  3. Jim – I agree it’s tough to leave Gordon out there, though I actually like your WR depth. Obviously adding him can’t hurt, but you could also use the depth at RB. Ingram/West are the most intriguing for me right now, with West offering a bit more upside (especially short-term). Gordon is the “best player” though.

    Smidge – I’d keep MJD for now. Who are your starting WR?

    • Smidge says:

      J. Nelson. B. Marshall and Crabtree

    • jim says:

      Thank you. I’m also debating grabbing the Houston DEF, when I drop Rice. What do you think of that? They have a very weak schedule. I could use them or Carolina depending the match ups.

      • Jim – If you have Carolina, I wouldn’t go crazy with a bench D. You are probably only going to use them on the bye anyways.

        Smidge – You have plenty of WR depth, so the move I think is to try and deal someone to add to your RB depth. If you wanted to make a move immediately, I’d drop Baldwin for Bradshaw.

        • Jim says:

          I got Josh Gordon, hopefully there is a decision on that issue soon. Waiver wire pick ups in my league today were..
          Justin Forsett (spent 51% of his waiver wire cash)
          Mark Ingram
          Carlos Hyde
          Markus Wheaton
          Vikings DEF

  4. Tyler says:

    In a standard scoring league I have Crabtree, Jeffrey, Sanders, Wallace and Shorts as my WR. My RB’s are Forte, Stacy, Cunningham and Jackson. The Cunningham/Stacy thing worries me in terms of a starter from week to week. Should I be looking to upgrade my RB spot with my strength at WR? Was thinking of maybe targeting Vereen for Wallace, thoughts?

    • I’m not the biggest Vereen guy, so I might set my sights elsewhere, but looking to upgrade is a good idea. After Forte you are a black hole at the moment, unfortunately.

      Anyone you can grab off waivers like Forsett?

  5. Nate says:

    So I’m playing in a PPR league, where my lineup is as follows:

    QB: Brady, Locker
    WR: Thomas, Garcon, R White, E Sanders, Colston, K Wright
    RB: Lacy, Spiller, Hyde
    TE: Pitta
    K: Carpenter
    D: Carolina

    I’m deep at WR, so I’m looking to upgrade at QB and RB. Here are some trades that I’m thinking of proposing:

    Give: Brady, Garcon, Spiller
    Get: M Ryan/Stafford, Bush, Crabtree

    Give: Sanders, Spiller
    Get: Vereen, T Williams

    Give: Brady, Sanders
    Get: Luck, D Martin

    What do you think? Having a tough time figuring out who to target with my extra WRs…

  6. Dale H says:

    Maurce Jones Drew or Ellingon or Terrancee West this week for my. Starting running back. My other one is Demarco Murry and putting cooks in flex.

  7. Nate -Of thouse offers, I’d like the Brady/Luck deal the best but Martin is a major risk unfortunately. The first one I’d be on board for also, but I doubt the other owner would be

    Dale – Ellington is the must start of those three. I could probably make an argument for West over Cooks, but it’s close enough.

  8. brady says:

    I need to start one running back and one wr/rb out of these three: Sammy Watkins, Justin Forsett, and Chris Ivory. Who would you roll with?

  9. Mark says:

    I need to start 1 rb and a flex. I have gerhart,stacy,west and reggie wayne that im considering.With ben tates injury im not sure how you guys rank West. Which 2 would u start?

  10. Sue says:

    Need some help for week 4 when a lot of my starters on bye. I know it’s only week 2 but hoping to stash off waivers now as pickings getting pretty slim. My team:
    QB: Ryan, Wilson (bye)
    RB: Peterson, Bernard (bye), Vereen, Pierre Thomas, Woodhead
    WR: Green & Floyd (bye), crabtree, colston,
    TE: Olsen, Miller
    K: Vinatieri
    D: CIN

    2 RB & WR,TE, 1 FLEX

    Available on WW: G. Jennings, wheaton, stills, steve smith sr.

    Is it worth it to consider any of these over my bench players and if so, who would you drop?

  11. brady – Tough, because I don’t fully trust either RB. Ivory’s performance came off of one big run and it’s hard to bank on that again. I’d say Forsett has the highest upside and the Bills used Watkins on nearly every snap last week, giving him potential. I’d say Forsett/Watkins.

    Mark – I love West and would probably use him and Wayne (only because Gerhart is a bit banged up. If Gerhart proves healthy, he’s worth using against Washington so I’d roll with him. As for the FLEX, West/Wayne is a tough debate, but Wayne is the safer option.

    Sue – I actually like the guys on your bench, so I’d stand pat for now

  12. Steve L says:

    Alright. Seriously considering sitting Spiller but should it be in favor of Lamar Miller or, eesh, Mike Tolbert? Can also throw Hopkins in at Flex and bump Vereen up to a RB spot.

  13. Dale H says:

    Thank you prof…so you think maybe west at flex over cooks? Did I say I have maurice jones drew on the bench. So… MJD, Cooks, Bowe, or West for flex. I have cooks in there now.??? Got Johnson and Harvin at WR..Murry and Ellington RB.

  14. Billy Bats says:

    Hey roto. Cordarelle Patterson or Michael Floyd? And Andre Elligton or rashad Jennings?

    Thanks again

  15. Kart says:

    Hey Guys, My team is as follows
    QB – Matt Ryan,Dalton
    RB- Matt Forte, Leveon Bell,Spiller,Chris Johnson, Bishop Sankey, Zac Stacey
    WR- Green,Victor Cruz,Desean Jackson,jeremy Maclin,
    TE-Charles Clay
    Kicker-Adam Vinatierti

    Who shd I start in Week -2.. Anyone to trade?

  16. Israel says:

    Hey roto I’m having a hard time deciding on which Rbs to start I have k.moreno, t. West, frank gore, c. Hyde

  17. Kart – How many RB/WR do you need?

    Israel – How many do you need? I’d probably rank them Moreno/Gore/West

  18. Dave says:

    I currenlty only have 3 RBs, need to start 2 in a .2 PPR league. Have Ellington, R. Jennings, and F Jackson. Leaning toward Ellington and Jennings, but worried about the foot injury and Arizona’s D.

  19. LadyThread says:

    Who do you like as a flex for this week: Eric Decker, Ryan Mathews, Doug Baldwin, Golden Tate or Travis Kelce?

  20. Israel says:

    Here’s my line up
    Qb- Drew Bree’s J.maziel on bench
    Rbs- moreno, gore Hyde on bench and just dropped rice
    Wrs- dez, cooks P. harvin, P. Garçon on bench
    Flex- t.west
    Te- z.ertz Witten on bench
    K- Novak
    Def- 49ers

    I have room for another pick by looking on my roster what would be you recommend I change on my line up and what position should I strengthen on the waiver wire pick!

    Thank you roto

    • Dave says:

      Not the Roto, but I personally wouldn’t trust Manziel as my backup. And in a 1 QB league I imagine there are better options for week 6.

  21. Ryan says:

    I’m gonna need some points this week, what back has a bigger upside Shonn Greene or Justin Forsett?

  22. Law says:

    I was going to stick with Lacy and S Jackson for week 2 but picked up Forsett who seems he might get a lot of snaps. And also have West on the bench who will now be the Browns RB1. Decisions, decisions. Any advice? And would one of them be better at Flex over Maclin, Deshan Jackson, Bolden, Hurns? Thanks

  23. Smidge says:

    Ok so with the MJD hand problem I dropped him and picked up Terrance West.. Now it’s a standard format. Do I play West, Bush or Bradshaw??? B. Pierce I think is still available
    Thanks for your help

  24. Israel – Dave nailed it, getting a stronger backup QB makes sense. You also could use depth at RB, though it’s not the biggest issue. You certainly don’t need WR/TE help

    Ryan – Forsett, because we know Greene is going to share carries with three others regardless.

    Law – I wouldn’t trust Jackson at all, for me I’d go Lacy/West as my RB. As for the FLEX I’d probably go Maclin since Forsett’s role is a bit unknown.

    Smidge – Bush is the safer option, but a very tough matchup. I’m really high on West and think he has the higher upside this week, but he’s a big risk. If you want upside, go West.

  25. Adam says:

    With the news that Run DMC is getting the start this week, does he make your top 40? Do I start him over Joique Bell?

    • I wouldn’t, even with the matchup Bell faces. McFadden is a huge risk, after underperforming in Week 1. We will talk about it later today, but Latavius Murray could end up being the guy.

  26. Mike in Georgia says:

    I have Lacy, Alfred Morris, Fred Jackson, Toby Gerhart and Terence West. Concerned over Lacy’s injury and he looked extremely tentative last week before getting hurt. Thinking of starting Morris & Jackson in 1/2 ppr with West at Flex over the others and WR-Keenan Allen or TE-Kyle Rudolph.

    • It’s tough to trust Jackson, for me, given the presence of CJ Spiller. For me, Lacy’s been cleared to play and he’s the best RB you have. I wouldn’t get too cute with it. The Jets have a decent defense, but not good enough to sit Lacy for.

  27. Ross says:

    Should I start chris ivory or Toby gerhart. Leaning toward ivory b/c of gb issues against the run

    • Probably is Ivory is the second fiddle to Chris Johnson. Gerhart doesn’t have a bad matchup himself and he should be the lead back. As long as he’s healthy, Gerhart has the higher upside.

  28. Garrick says:

    Need help!!! In a 14 team league at running back I have Arian Foster, Toby Gerhart, Mark Ingram, Khiry Robinson, Roy Helu and Latavius Murray. I am really nervous about Toby Gerhart being a bust and considering packaging him with Steve Smith in a trade for Julian Edelman (my other receivers are M. Colston, Brandin Cooks and Justin Hunter). If Gerhart ends up being a bust it is a decent trade but, if he plays well it would mean I gave up a starting 3 down back and will have to be in limbo with Mark Ingram and Khiry Robinson each week. Should I make this trade and take my chances with my other backs? Oh should point out that I have Brees, Gronk and Ertz as well. Please help.

    • If you have Gronk/Ertz, I’d much rather trade one of them to try and bolster your RB corps. Your thin to begin with at RB so trading one of your better potential options doesn’t make much sense.

      • Garrick says:

        Thanks for the quick response. Ertz is my Gronk insurance policy. I had Kelce but, dropped him for the potential of Latavius Murray. I am in a league with a lot of savvy players (most of us use advanced metrics) and each time I have attempted to trade Ertz packaged with Steve Smith they have all countered with Ertz and Gerhart. It looks like I will simply stand pat and wait until the injury bug starts making people desperate.

        • Mike in Georgia says:

          And Garrick, I agree that too little is known about Gerhart at this time so trading him would be premature. In addition, packaging him with Stephen Smith for Edelman is WAY overpayment…Gerhart for Edelman or Smith for Edelman is sufficient. However, although not a personal fan of Smith, he just may be a Top 15 WR this year…the reason they all want Gerhart is that in a 14-team league, RB’s are MORE valuable due to scarcity…your 4 WR’s are fine, just play the best week’s matchup…your RB’s may be OK, give it time. You are solid at TE and QB…down the road, Gronk may be your best trade chip for a better RB or WR as future needs dictate.

  29. Clark Ivory says:

    I’ve got Chris Ivory, Isaiah Crowell, Toby Gerhart, Doug Martin, Pierre Thomas, and Joique Bell. Which 2 to start and should I consider one of them as my FLEX vs Eric Decker?

    • I’d definitely use Gerhart at this point as he appears healthy.

      Martin would be my next choice, but it’s all going to depend on the news. I’d have Thomas next up (money because of Bell’s matchup). As far as FLEX usually I go RB, but I’d probably play Decker. None of the others scream must use

  30. Dale H says:

    Given this weeks match ups would it be crazy to sit demarco murry and play west instead. Or sit ellington and play west. Right now I have murry and ellington starting. But murry matchup and ellington matchup and foot….???

  31. Matt B says:

    standard scoring league. corradelle patterson or pierre garcon in the flex. My starting recievers are Jordy NElson and Michael Floyd with brandin cooks on the BN

    • You are loaded at WR and may want to try trading someone to bolster yourself elsewhere. Seems like a waste to have two of those guys on the bench each week (I’d probably shop Cooks, who someone may overpay for right now).

      As for this week, I’d go Patterson over Garcon.

      As I’ve said to others, I think Floyd is a little bit of a risk this week (with the Cardinals potentially trying to force feed the ball to Fitzgerald), though time will tell. His upside is obviously there and he’s impossible to sit.

  32. Paul Nelson says:

    In a 12 team PPR league I have CJ Spiller, Ryan Matthews, Pierre Thomas, Terrance West, Johnathan Stewart. I like West and Stewart to get the most touches. Do you feel strongly about two on this list?



  33. RJ says:

    I’m having trouble of who to start this week!!
    ! Here’s my team: Qb: wilson locker RB: lacy, west, ingram. WR: edleman, jennings, julio jones, g. tate, k.benjamin. TE: j. graham, gates K: parlay DEF: Houston

  34. Paul Nelson – Stewart is going to be in a rotation regardless of DeAngelo Williams availablity. Mathews matchup is rough, or he’d be in therem but I’d lean Spiller/West.

    RJ – How many do you need of each? Without knowing:
    QB – Wilson
    RB – Lacy/West
    WR – Jones/Edelman (with Benjamin a very close 2nd)
    TE – Graham

  35. Sue says:

    Given the AP situation, I had him as my RB1. I just picked up Asiata. Am concerned AP will be out l/t. Who would you start this week? Need 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 Flex

    RB: benard, vereen, pierre thomas, asiata, woodhead
    WR: green, floyd, crabtree, colston
    TE: olsen

    A little concerned with Floyd and agree they might try to force feed Fitz but hard not to start. Thoughts?

    • Luckily you do have some depth that you can work with.

      RB – Bernard/Vereen
      WR – Green/Floyd (despite the risk, he’s still got big upside)
      FLEX – Thomas

      You can put in Crabtree in either the WR2 or FLEX spot, but the Bears are a poor run defense so SF could go heavy on Gore/Hyde.

  36. Robin V says:

    Spiller or fred jackson as a RB2 wk2? the only reason im condsidering this is bc of jacksons carries inside the 20s and scoring potential

  37. Billy T says:

    Hey guys some advise please, who should I start tomorrow in a standard league, Rasheed Jennings or Toby Gerhart. I’m confused on this one. Any normal week I would start Gerhart, but tomorrow I feel that Jennings will play the better game, even though the giants are playing Arizona and they’ve given up other least point to running backs last year, but the giants do not have any other major offensive weapons. Jennings is probably the best they have. On the other hand Jacksonville is also pretty week offensively So Jennings or Gerhardt???, any input will help

    • The ankle injury for Gerhart is another issue, which is the only reason I’d go Jennings in the end. The fact is his matchup is better, but like you said the Giants offense is a mess and they could try and go run heavy.

      To me it’s a coin flip, though I’d lean Jennings.

      • Billy T says:

        Good call professor!!! I played Jennings over Gerhart, thank god cause Gerhart stunk it up. Another question, who would you start between Ahmed Bradshaw and Darren Sproles in a PPR league. I’m thinking Bradshaw is going to get more play then Trent Richardson, but is it he going to get more then what Sproles would? Again it’s a PPR league so I’m leaning more towards Sproles, but Bradshaw has good rushing and receiving yards also. Who would you recommend more between Sproles and Bradshaw? Thanks again, just found your site great site by the way.

        • Thanks and glad I can help!

          I’d lean Sproles, because we know he’s going to be a part of the offense. While Bradshaw could take over in the backfield, they are likely going to at least try and get Richardson involved early and that could limit Bradshaw.

          I’d say Sproles is the “safer” of the two, so if you don’t need to take a gamble I’d go with him.

  38. Gamer says:

    Non PPR; need 2 RBs on this wide receiver centric team: Knowshon Moreno, Doug Martin, Fred Jackson, Pierre Thomas, Carlos Hide. A bot gun-shy on Marti, but most sites seam to say play him over the last three in the list. Thoughts? Thanks!

    • Yea, Martin’s a gamble but he has the highest upside of the four you are considering. Jackson is too big of a risk, Hyde could have a big game based on matchups but is behind Gore and Thomas is a better play in PPR formats

  39. Dale H says:

    Well guess I will go murry and ellington RB and West Flex instead of Cooks. Since I have harvin and johnson WR I have Cooks on bench this week.

  40. brady says:

    Early question for week 3. So with all the injuries I’m looking to pick up a running back that will benefit me the most over the full course of the season. I’m dropping Forsett, and I could go for Ahmad Bradshaw, Donald Brown, Kniles Davis, and Khiry Robinson. I currently have them in that order on my waiver claims. Any changes you would make?

    • For the full season it’s definitely Bradshaw at the top. I may lean Khiry Robinson #2, Brown #3 and Davis #4. I am a believer in Robinson and there’s a chance he runs with this opportunity.

  41. Dale H says:

    I am thinking of dropping maurice jones drew. I have some good running back. Murry,ellington,west davis. Do you see any reason to keep MJD.

  42. K says:

    Like many people, I got hit by the injuries this week too. Are any/all of the injured worth hanging on to? Knowshon, Mathews, Ben Tate

    If they’re all worth stashing, would you drop one or more of: Riley Cooper, F-Jax, Greg Jennings, Torrey Smith

    I’m leaning toward dropping Cooper and F-Jax.

    Looking at picking up at least one of these RBs, in order:
    Khiry,Donald Brown, Rainey


  43. brady says:

    MJD or Ben Tate? They were both dropped and I need a long term backup.

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