Week 5 Rankings (2014): Top 25 Quarterbacks

by Eric Stashin (aka The Rotoprofessor)

Many teams have already completed the first 25% of their season, so we are really starting to get an idea of who is in line to have a big season and who could disappoint.  That has led to some names falling outside our Top 12 who no one would’ve expected entering the season.  Who are they?  Who should we trust this week?  Let’s take a look:


  1. Peyton Manning – Denver Broncos – vs. Arizona
  2. Drew Brees – New Orleans Saints – vs. Tampa Bay
  3. Philip Rivers – San Diego Chargers – vs. New York Jets
  4. Andrew Luck – Indianapolis Colts – vs. Baltimore
  5. Aaron Rodgers – Green Bay Packers – vs. Minnesota
  6. Matthew Stafford – Detroit Lions – vs. Buffalo
  7. Russell Wilson – Seattle Seahawks – at Washington
  8. Ben Roethlisberger – Pittsburgh Steelers – at Jacksonville
  9. Matt Ryan – Atlanta Falcons – at New York Giants
  10. Eli Manning – New York Giants – vs. Atlanta
  11. Colin Kaepernick – San Francisco 49ers – vs. Kansas City
  12. Jay Cutler – Chicago Bears – at Carolina
  13. Tony Romo – Dallas Cowboys – vs. Houston
  14. Mike Glennon – Tampa Bay Buccaneers – at New Orleans
  15. Joe Flacco – Baltimore Ravens – at Indianapolis
  16. Nick Foles – Philadelphia Eagles – vs. St. Louis
  17. Andy Dalton – Cincinnati Bengals – at New England
  18. Cam Newton – Carolina Panthers – vs. Chicago
  19. Carson Palmer – Arizona Cardinals – at Denver
  20. Tom Brady – New England Patriots – vs. Cincinnati
  21. Blake Bortles – Jacksonville Jaguars – vs. Pittsburgh
  22. Kirk Cousins – Washington Reskins – vs. Seattle
  23. Jake Locker – Tennessee Titans – vs. Cleveland
  24. Brian Hoyer – Cleveland Browns – at Tennessee
  25. Alex Smith – Kansas City Chiefs – at San Francisco


  • How can we not love Andrew Luck at this point?  While the Ravens have allowed just 3 passing TD, they are allowing 260.2 yards per game and Luck just torched what had been an impressive Tennessee defense for 393 yards and 4 TD.  He’s now thrown for 370+ yards in three of his four games this season, has 4 TD in back-to-back games and at least 2 in each game.  Clearly he’s one of the elite in the game right now.
  • The New York Jets aren’t allowing a lot of yards through the air, but they’ve allowed 9 passing TD.  Philip Rivers is coming off a game where he torched the Jacksonville Jaguars (377 yards, 3 TD, 0 INT), and with Donald Brown headlining the running game would it be a surprise if they took a similar approach?  Look for Rivers to post another big week.
  • We don’t want to downgrade Matt Ryan too far, given his matchup with the New York Giants, but we also can’t simply put him near the top of the rankings and forget him either.  Obviously Ryan is significantly better than both Ryan Fitzpatrick & Kirk Cousins, but the team still has 7 INT over the past two weeks while Ryan does have 5 INT on the season.  He’s still a Top 10 option, he’s simply not a Top 5.
  • Speaking of the Giants, after Teddy Bridgewater torched the Falcons for 317 yards how are we not supposed to be excited about the upside of Eli Manning for this week?  He clearly has found his footing in the new offense and has looked nothing short of tremendous recently.  No one would’ve predicted it, but he’s actually a viable QB1.
  • The Carolina Panthers have shocking allowed 5 passing TD over the past two weeks.  At this point how can we flee from picking a QB playing against them?  We all know Cutler’s upside and, while there’s still some risk, he’s not a player to completely avoid either.
  • Will Carson Palmer be ready to return?  It appears to be heading in that direction and against the Broncos he could be in store for a shootout.  A healthy Palmer is going to be a high-end QB2, with QB1 upside.
  • Why did the Buccaneers not only sign, but start Josh McCown?  Mike Glennon, in his first start of 2014, shook off some rust to finish 21-42 for 302 yards, 2 TD and 1 INT, including a game-winning TD with under 10 second to go.  The Saints have been prone against the pass and don’t be surprised if Glennon posts another big day.
  • It’s a tough matchup for Nick Foles and he’s coming off a subpar performance (195 yards, 0 TD, 2 INT), keeping him outside of the Top 12.  That doesn’t mean he’s still not a player to consider depending on your alternatives.

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  1. L says:

    Why do you think M.Glennon is the better pick up over B.Bortles this week given how both will be facing defenses that aren’t playing very good right now. I’m also thinking that B.Bortles could be the better player to have on your team over the next several weeks too.

  2. EpicShark says:

    Hey Professor,
    I’m looking to move Asiata and Cam off my squad for a better QB. The top 5 QB’s are probably out of reach, (Rodgers, Brees, Peyton, Stafford, Luck). I’m 3-1 right now wanna pick off a team thats 2-2 or worst. Who would be fair value for these two?

  3. L – Glennon has more experience and Vincent Jackson at his disposal. We know what he can do, and he showed it again this week. I was high on him prior to McCown coming in and am a big fan moving forward.

    EpicShark – I’d shoot high and then work down, though Newton could be in the same tier of QB that you’d acquire. Maybe try for a Rivers or Matt Ryan

  4. Randy says:

    Which two QBs would you want to own out of Eli, Palmer, Cousins, and Bortles? Also, which 1 WR (standard league) out of Randle, Torrey Smith, Allen Robinson, Hurns, John Brown? Lastly, can you rank Ben Tate, Crowell, McKinnon, Sankey, and Hill ROS? Thanks!

  5. Jon says:

    I have R.Wilson and Roethlisberger whom I picked up with the intention of dropping after seattles bye week. However after last weeks performance and a juicy matchup against Jacksonville I’m now questioning who should get the start this week. What are your thoughts on this?

  6. Jon – It’s actually a coinflip at this point (who knew!). I’d lean Wilson, but it really could go either way.

    QB – Manning & Palmer (if healthy) with Bortles right now
    WR – None? I guess Randle at this point with Smith/Robinson close behind, but none of them are really trustworthy options on a weekly basis
    RB – Off the cuff, I’d say Sankey (they seem like they really want to give him the job), McKinnon, Tate, Hill, Crowell (though the back three are interchangable)

  7. romo says:

    Hey Roto. Would u start rivers over Dalton? My other qb is Ryan. I’m also ready to give up on c Patterson! My top wr would be r white d Thomas and k Benjamin. So my bench would be c Patterson and b cooks. Does that sound good?

  8. Law says:

    Sorry to ask all this in QB but its urgent! I am struggling with some choices. Roster is West, Knile Davis, Lacy, Donald Brown, Martin as RB. Desean Jaxs, D Thomas, Maclin, Jefferey WR. Walker, Cameron at TE. Panthers D.

    Now I want to pick up Asiata, so considering dropping West as Tate and Cro might be ahead of him. Dropping Desean Jackson for Steve Smith because Jax is doing nothing most weeks. And grabbing Kelce for one of my TE’s. Dropping Carolina for either Eagles, or Steelers. Am I making any glaring mistakes? Thanks for any advice you can offer!

  9. romo – Rivers is an absolute must start this week against the Jets. As for Patterson, yea I could see sitting him wit tose alternatives.

    Law – Asiata pickup sure. I’d add Steve Smit, but not sure at the expensive of Jackson. Sooner or later Torrey Smith is going to make the step up (that said, I’m not against the move either). TE – Kelce is nice, but the other two are better. Wouldn’t go there. I also wouldn’t drop Carolina’s defense. I understand the frustration, but you don’t want to do something rash (at the same time, I could understand that one over the Kelce move)

    • Law says:

      Yes Its hard pressing the button on dropping Desean as he is usually so good, I lost two weeks in a row thanks to lots of usual sure things completely failing. I just lost to a guy who didnt set his team and had THREE players on a bye week in his starting line up…thats just awful. Thanks for the advice, will maybe hold off of Smith for now and hope Desean steps up.

  10. Steve L says:

    I want to make a trade for a top running back and I can move a receiver. I have Demaryius, Dez, Hopkins, Garcon, and J. Matthews. Who should I target? I’m willing to part with Demaryius more than Dez. I want to make a move for Demarco but his heatlh unnerves me. What top 10 running should I target, as most of the teams with the top backs needs WR help?

    • If you are trading Thomas (not sure I would), I’d look for a similar buy low option. I doubt you could get McCoy, but a Forte perhaps (or Charles). Shoot high, though, and then work your way down.

  11. OD says:

    Philip Rivers is facing a Top 5 defense in the Jets …. He should be #8 on this list ….. Cam Newton is facing the weak Bears defense …. He Should be #12 on this list

  12. L says:

    I have an trade offer on the table I’m considering.

    First some additional notes on some of the league’s scoring system:

    6 Point TDs for Passing, Receiving, and Rushing
    0.1 Point per Rushing and Receiving Yard (aka 1 point per 10 yards).
    0.05 Point per Passing Yard (aka 1 point per 20 yards.
    No Negative scoring (no penalties for interceptions or fumbles)

    IMO, it makes having a starting quarterback who throws a lot of touchdown passing and yardage regardless to picks much more valuable than in a standard scoring league.

    My starting QB right now is C.Newton who isn’t getting the job done.

    The offer I have been given is Matt Ryan for Julius Thomas straight up. J.Thomas is averaging 5.7 points over the league’s average starting TE and M.Ryan is averaging 4.7 points over the league’s average starting QB. The problem is that with C.Newton I’m averaging 7.4 points below average at QB and if I move J.Thomas I’ll be streaming TEs until I get lucky with someone becoming more established. I’ll certainly take a hit at TE going below the league’s average, but I’m thinking there might be a better chance for a stash player to become valuable verses what I might find at QB. Then again, M.Ryan’s O-line took another hit this week and there’s certainly some concern that it would give him the time to continue doing what he’s been able to do thus far. Another thing is that this trade person also has A.Luck who I responded saying I’d rather have him instead of M.Ryan, but he shot it down… should I pester further to see if he’ll breakdown and consider it. His only TE is A.Gates, so it’s not as if he’s super desperate; plus he could back him up with L.Green if he was worried about his health. Lastly, if I’m able to move a receiver from my team to acquire T.Kelce from another team I think I improve my willingness to pull the trigger on this trade, but I’m not sure if that member will part with T.Kelce even if I’m offering up M.Crabtree for him.

    There are these prospect and/or quote, unquote “usable” TEs available on the Waiver Wire in replacement; plus as stash and prays:

    G.Graham – who I just dropped

    The QB prospects on the waiver wire are these:

    D.Carr (inj)

    What are your thoughts, opinions, and advice on this matter.

    • L says:

      correction: “Then again, M.Ryan’s O-line took another hit this week and there’s certainly some concern that it would NOT give the time to continue doing what he’s been able to do thus far.”

  13. John says:

    Prof, a guy in my league is trying to trade Aaron Rodgers. He has Rivers and a very shoddy RB and WR core. He wants an RB1 or WR1. I have Nick Foles but am thinking of trading Demaryious for Rodgers. My other WR’s are BMarshall, Patterson, and DHopkins. My RB’s are thin and inconsistent. Ellington, Zac Stacy, Gore, Bradshaw, Sankey, Crowell, Ridley. I went WR/WR round 1 and 2 and have been playing catchup with RB’s since. Thinking of packaging Demaryious and Stacy for Rodgers and Arian Foster if he’ll bite. Good trade for me or should I hold tight? Thanks.

  14. OD – The Jets defense is great against the run, abysmal against the pass. Rivers should throw for 3+ TD this week with little threat of an INT

    L – There are guys that I like on waivers at both spots. Clay should get better, especially with the bye week to hopefully help get him healthy. I’m also a huge supporter of Glennon (and also like Tannehill), that they could bridge the gap until Newton gets going. Like you said, Ryans O-line is in shambles right now, which could have a significant impact on his production.

    John – Obviously Thomas could be in store for a big breakout at any time, and you do have a decent QB (though one I’ve never been a fan of). I’d prob. do that trade if you could, sice it also helps you at RB, then try to flip Foles for WR depth

  15. S says:

    Would you start Wilson over Matt Ryan this week? Little concerned with Atlanta’s O-Line this week…What are your thoughts about TD’s for Ryan this week?

  16. romo says:

    Hey Roto! Would u choose Wilson over Stafford? 1 qb league

  17. Bob says:

    Nice to see you again Prof!

    I’ve been juggling QBs this season – Romo, Dalton, and just picked up Roethlisberger to start this week (some one dropped him before last week).

    If I am comfortable holding 2-3 QBs on my roster to see who has the hot hand, are any of them worth dropping for Carson Palmer or Teddy Bridgewater to snag off the Waiver Wire before they potentially blow up? I was thinking Dalton, but I’m scared he’ll do well with A.J. Green back and someone will snag him.

  18. S – I would go with Wilson

    romo – I would lean Stafford, but it’s razor thin. It really could go either way

    Bob – I could see Palmer, but I’d rather hold onto your 3. The upside is still higher than the guys on the wire

  19. Brandon says:

    Hi there! Im in a dilema. I dont know whether or not to start Cam Newton or Blake Bortles. Im in a PPR league and since im starting Allen Hurns in my flex im nervous to start Bortles in case he struggles then im down 2 players. But Cam is struggling.

  20. Dale H says:

    Would you give up calvin johnson for payton manning. I have foles now.

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