History won't be kind to Favre.


by Felipe Dominguez
Joe Namath to the Rams.  Johnny Unitas to the Chargers.  Joe Montana to Kansas City.  Over and over through history, we have seen “legendary” quarterbacks head from the team that made them famous to the team that prayed for the magic to continue with a new uniform.  History IS against our good friend Brett Favre.  Now lets face it, Favre IS good quarterback, but at this point in his career, does he really have what it takes to start new?  A new offense? A new playbook?  New team mates?  Heck even a new stadium that is well known to be one of the hardest places for a QB to play.  Last year, Brett had a banner year because of the team around him.  The Green Bay Packers have built themselves a good team.  A “TEAM”.  The support that Brett had with the Packer defense and a running game lead by the emerging Ryan Grant is no where near what the New York Jets have to offer.  Even the timing that Favre achieved with his wide receivers won’t be there in New York.
Don’t get me wrong, I wish him all the best of luck, but for those of you who see Brett Favre as a “savior”, think again.  Maybe if he’s still there in 2 or 3 years (remember why he said he was retiring?) the J-E-T-S, JETS, JETS, JETS can have a decent run in the playoffs, but for now, I wouldn’t hold my breath.  The good news for the JETS?  That conditional 4th round pick will never turn into a 1st rounder. 
For all of you Fantasy Football Fans who are being swayed by the smiling Brett holding his number FOUR Jets Jersey for everyone to see, don’t even bother.  Favre will have his shining moments, but with FF, all we care about is point production.  I would keep good ol’ number FOUR as my backup QB, but nothing more.
Sing it with me.  It isn’t hard.  You can even put that little Frank Sinatra tone to it.  “Start spreading the news.  Brett’s throwing interceptions again.  I wish they hadn’t traded for him.  New York…New York.”


  1. Those who don’t learn from history are obviously doomed to repeat it. Sure Namath and Unitas didn’t have things go as well as planned, but Montana did pretty well in a couple Chiefs seasons.
    Favre may not be the Brett of 2007, but he’s a big upgrade over Pennington in ability and health. Before last year Favre was a number two QB on most teams for about 4 straight years. This year he’s a great number two, a shaky number one.


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