Introduction of Felipe Dominguez


by Felipe Dominguez  Hello to everyone out there, this is Felipe Dominguez and I will be your Fantasy Football Guru for the next few weeks as the NFL is about to kick off its 2008 Football Season.  As part of the ROTOPROFESSOR family, what will follow is a series of articles giving you the inside track on answering that all important question:
“Who should I draft?”
A lot of interesting tid bits going on and in the NFL with questions such as:
“How will no preseason snaps, affect the play and timing of Peyton Manning?”
“Brett Fravre playing in Tampa Bay?”
“Tom Brady Redux.  With the same offense to back him up, can Brady post up the record numbers that he had last year and is he worth that number one draft spot?”
“Is there a RB in the NFL that should be considered ahead of the likes of Brady, P. Manning or Tony Romo?”
All of these questions, plus much much more will be answered as we head into those important weeks of preseason where we catch of small glimpse of what’s in store for us fans.  Hope all of you Fantasy Football Team owners will join us.  See you soon.



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