Top 10 Catcher Prospects (Mid-Season 2018 Edition)

Graduated From The List – Carson Kelly (3), Jorge Alfaro (4), Victor Carratini (7), Chance Sisco (10)

1) Francisco Mejia – Cleveland Indians (1)
ETA – Already Arrived
Current Grade – A-

After he got off to a horrific start it would’ve been easy to send him spiraling down the rankings.  However he responded with a breakout June, hitting .455 with 4 HR and 23 RBI, allowing him to remain atop the rankings (where he belongs).

2) Keibert Ruiz – Los Angeles Dodgers (2)
ETA – 2019
Current Grade – B+

3) Danny Jansen – Toronto Blue Jays (NR)
ETA – 2018
Current Grade – B+

While he fell short of our preseason Top 10, Jansen is now on the cusp of arriving in Toronto.  Often viewed as being “void” of power, he has 7 HR over 215 AB Triple-A this season (10 HR over 282 AB at Triple-A over the past two years) to go along with 17 doubles and 1 triple.  Couple that with the ability to make consistent contact (4.5% SwStr%) and get on base (12.3% walk rate) and you have a potential difference maker at the position.

4) Daulton Varsho – Arizona Diamondbacks (5)
ETA – 2019
Current Grade – B

He already has 15 SB…  From a catcher…  Couple that with a 10.2% walk rate and 8.3% SwStr% and he brings an intriguing mix of skills to the position that can’t be ignored.

5) Zack Collins – Chicago White Sox (NR)
ETA – 2019
Note: There has never been a question about Collins’ power potential or ability to draw a walk, but despite moving up to Double-A for the full year he’s cut his SwStr% from 12.3% to 10.3%.  That should lead to an improvement in his 29.0% strikeout rate, and when that comes he’s really going to garner attention.

6) Joey Bart – San Francisco Giants (NR)
ETA – 2020
Current Grade – B

Selected #2 overall in 2018, where he falls in our 2019 preseason rankings will be dependent on how he adjusts and produces this year.  Thus far the results are positive, but time will tell.

7) Austin Allen – San Diego Padres (6)
ETA – 2019
Current Grade – B-

8) Sean Murphy – Oakland A’s (8)
ETA – 2019
Current Grade – B-

9) Miguel Amaya – Chicago Cubs (NR)
ETA – 2020/2021
Current Grade – B-

Just 19-years old, Amaya has a 9.0% walk rate at Single-A while showing some power (18 doubles, 2 triples and 10 HR over 276 AB).  We’ll watch his 11.8% SwStr% closely, but there’s a lot to like.

10) Ronaldo Hernandez – Tampa Bay Rays (NR)
ETA – 2020/2021
Current Grade – B-

Note: The 20-year old has been among the biggest breakout prospects of 2018, hitting .308 with 13 HR.  You could argue him above Amaya, though both could ultimately find themselves much higher on the rankings when all is said and done.

Sources –, Fangraphs

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  1. Tuco says:

    Will you be adding your grades to these lists as well?

  2. c says:

    To me, Hernandez should be at least at 5 or 6.

    Also, what about William Contreras ?

    • Rotoprofessor says:

      Hernandez could easily be pushed up the list a few spots, but we need to monitor his strikeout rate (especially given the level).

      As for Contreras, he was definitely in the mix for the bottom of the list. He probably was the first cut and just missed

  3. Jorge says:

    I think your sleeping on Sean Murphy, his arm has been compared to Matt Chapman’s, and before breaking hamate bone lead Texas League in doubles won the HR Derby and has been model of consistency. Also be looking out for Jonah Heim, he just took Murphy’s spot in AA and is a switch hitting doubles machine as well, and had even looked better on the defensive side than Murphy did during his time at Stockton.

    • Rotoprofessor says:

      I actually like Murphy, but it’s impossible to move him up more than 1 spot right now (unless you want to push him ahead of the recently drafted Bart). There’s upside, but he’s a step below those others

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