Rate the Deal: Hamels for Pedroia


Paul sent in the following trade:

Cole Hamels ($12) for Dustin Pedroia ($6)

You are allowed to keep 10 players a season, with their value increasing by $3.  After the trade, his keepers are:

  • Clayton Kershaw
  • David Price
  • Jon Lester
  • Mark Teixeira
  • Carlos Pena
  • Dustin Pedroia
  • Troy Tulowitzki
  • Alexei Ramirez
  • B.J. Upton
  • Jacoby Ellsbury

Wow, that’s a tough one.  I always like to save money when possible, so I have more cash available to me at the actual auction.  This deal accomplished that, and Paul did receive a top talent, and one that is a steal at that price even if he falls short of the lofty standards he set for himself in 2008.

The deal completely filled his MI spots, which is good and bad in a way.  I love having a strong group of players there, especially cheap, since it fills positions that are tough to get while also saving your cash for the big hitters or ace starters.  It makes sense.  However, I don’t like having my hands tied at the auction, where it doesn’t make sense for me to bid on a player who is a bargain, since he will be put in my Utility spot. 

It’s a very fine line to walk.  With Tulowitzki and Ramirez in place, I may have opted to keep Hamels, for flexibility purposes alone.  Plus, you already have two questions marks on your rotation, with Kershaw & Price.  Granted, they are risks that I like for ’09, but they are risks just the same.  Having the opportunity to lock up a top pitcher at a mid-tier price helps to ease the risks you are already taking.

If I were to ignore that, I’d say the trade was pretty fair as the two are on pretty equal footing at this point.  I slotted Pedroia in as the #4 second baseman and Hamels is going to be a Top 10 starter.  I probably would have held onto the pitcher, though I would understand if you were scared that Hamels was going to regress this season.  That ballpark scares the heck out of me too.  Still, he’s proven he can do it, which is half the battle.

Personally, I don’t think I would have made the trade, but I don’t think it is a bad one.  It’s more of a personal preference on how I establish my keeper list as opposed to the trade itself.  I think the trade is fair, especially once salary is taken into account, and I certainly wouldn’t give you a hard time for making it.

What does everyone else think?  Is this a trade you would have made?

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  1. That’s a steal. Great move, Paul. Pedroia is the safest elite option at 2B. Hamels is a considerable injury risk going into this season. Plus, you saved some auction dollars. What a steal.

  2. Andrew, I think there is some concern as to if Pedroia is going to be able to repeat, but I would agree that he may be the “safest” of those guys.

    I do like the trade. Maybe the best move would now be to flip someone like Ramirez, depending on what you get for him. I really just don’t like tying my hands heading into the auction. Again, that’s just my own personal philosophy.

  3. Steal for Paul in my book as well. I will side toward a hitter over a pitcher just on injury risk alone. Besides that i would say spend some cash you saved on power to complete your team

  4. I think it’s a pretty fair deal. I’d probably prefer to have Pedroia for reasons mentioned (park, injuries, etc) but it’s a solid deal for both teams. Realistically they will both be keepers for a similar amount of time based on the increasing values.

  5. I think Pedroia is very overrated, but it’s hard to argue against him at that price. Also, there are lots of $5-10 starters that can be had late in an auction. They probably won’t be Hamels quality, but they would suffice.

  6. Pedroia is a real baseball stud, however, in my mind he is the most overrated player heading into the 2009 fantasy season. Heading into last season, most fantasy analysts expressed concern about his lack of power and speed, as he was not a minor league killer in either category. To me, one season is not enough to overcome these concerns. He may prove himself to be a superstar, however, the risk that surrounds him in terms of HR and SB potential is undeniable.

    Frankly, from a fantasy perspective, I see little difference between Pedroia and Howie Kendrick. Pedroia at $6 may be a tad bit of a discount. However, in a mixed league I think we’ll find more players than expected that match his stats in ’08.

  7. Got this deal set on the autoreject. The downside on Hamels is the standard breakdown…slew of changeups (good) offset by extreme injury history.

    Pedroria..downside might be perceived to be Polanco..but my perception of the guy is just a different universe of possibilities. Guy most reminds of is Gretzky..different sport, but the main thing is same as what Gretzky had going…an incredible instinct, drive, just way beyond the norm that made him the symbol of the sport. Underrating this guy..feeds off underrating..say he’s more likely to win another MVP than dissapoint. And goes to durability as well as performance. Would slobber all over just paying a routine stud pitcher like Hamels.

  8. I definitely would have held on to Hamels, especially with Tulo and Ramirez as keepers. We’ve already seen Pedroia’s best year.

  9. Great deal for Paul. He locks up the MI spots and adds a .300 hitter to his keepers to help offset Pena, Ellsbury, Upton. I think while Pedroia may regress this year his floor is far higher than Hamels’


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