Rotoprofessor Challenge: Free Agent Review for Week 2


There have been a whole slew of moves in the Rotoprofessor Challenge Fantasy League since last week, so let’s take a look at what everyone did:

  1. The Rotoprofessor dropped Ahmad Bradshaw and picked up Patrick Crayton – With Kevin Curtis out, Kenny Watson as a backup and Ted Ginn Jr. showing nothing in the first week, I felt I needed another receiver and was happy to see Crayton still sitting out there. He put up a solid first week and should put up solid numbers as the #2 WR in Dallas. He’s worth owning in all formats.
  2. The Rotoprofessor dropped Kevin Curtis and picked up LaMont Jordan – I’ve talked about Jordan already here, so it’s not worth repeating. He’s tucked away on my bench and it is a total flier. We’ll see how it turns out, but I’m certainly not losing much with this one.
  3. Cool Runnings dropped Jason Wright and picked up Matt Cassel – With Matt Schaub, David Garrard and Chad Pennington as his QB’s, he acted quickly to bring in Cassel and it does make sense. I’m not going to say Cassel is going to be an All Pro, but he certainly has the potential to be better then the other options available to him. If I were in his place, I would have done the same thing. In fact, I wish I had, but he simply beat me to the punch.
  4. Cool Runnings dropped Deuce McAllister and picked up Chicago’s Defense – After dropping Chicago’s defense last week, he quickly righted what I thought was a wrong and picked them back up. The move makes sense and was a smart decision.
  5. Dawg House dropped Denver’s Defense and picked up Dominic Rhodes – He has Dallas’ Defense, so it really was no loss for him and Rhodes is a decent flier. It’s not going to make his season, but it certainly isn’t going to cost him either. Rhodes is a backup and isn’t going to make any huge impact with Joseph Addai in front of him.
  6. The Rotoprofessor dropped Greg Olsen and picked up Joe Flacco – I am high on Olsen this season, but there is just no need to be sitting on a backup TE when I have already lost my First Round pick in Tom Brady, as well as the reserve QB I picked on draft day in Vince Young. This was a desperation pick, and hopefully Flacco can continue to perform for a few weeks until I can get someone better in the fold.
  7. Megatron dropped Josh Brown and picked up Jeff Reed – A swap of kickers is pretty much six in one, half dozen the other.
  8. Cool Runnings dropped Nate Burleson and picked up Eddie Royal – Burleson is on the IR and Royal had a huge first week. Granted, with Brandon Marshall returning to Denver Royal is not going to be the same type of target. Still, this move makes a lot of sense. Royal opened a lot of eyes and has the potential to be a sleeper in all formats and is worth taking a flier on.
  9. Philly Phunters dropped Todd Heap and picked up L.J. Smith – I’m much higher on Heap then Smith, so I am not a big fan of this move. Smith is coming off a good game, but I think Heap has more upside with a rookie QB who may look to make the safer passes.
  10. The Rotoprofessor dropped Tom Brady and picked up Sammy Morris – With Brady out for the season I figure the running game is going to get a lot more attention in New England. Morris put up solid numbers Week 1 and could remain the primary backup RB. With Morris and Jordan on my roster, I will be able to cash in one way or another.
  11. Philly Phunters dropped Donte Stallworth and picked up David Patten – With Marques Colston out for a few weeks, Patten will get an opportunity to make a lot of noise in New Orleans. Couple in Stallworth’s injury problems and the move certainly makes sense. The Saints are packed with talent, with Reggie Bush likely getting more chances to line-up on the outside, but Patten should still get plenty of looks. I’d grab him in all formats and like the move.
  12. Barry dropped Kevin Jones and picked up Anthony Fasano – He had Dallas Clark as his TE, so I like this move for him. Clark should come around and put up a good season, but with Pennington manning the ship in Miami Fasano could get plenty of looks. If you are in need of a TE for a few weeks, Fasano is as good a move as any.


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