Top 20 Quarterbacks


by Eric Stashin & Felipe Dominguez

  1. Tom Brady – New England Patriots
  2. Peyton Manning – Indianapolis Cots
  3. Tony Romo – Dallas Cowboys
  4. Drew Brees – New Orleans Saints
  5. Carson Palmer – Cincinnati Bengals
  6. Ben Roethlisberger – Pittsburgh Steelers
  7. Brett Favre – New York Jets
  8. Donovan McNabb – Philadelphia Eagles
  9. Eli Manning – New York Giants
  10. Derek Anderson – Cleveland Browns
  11. Matt Hasselbeck – Seattle Seahawks
  12. Marc Bulger – St. Louis Rams
  13. David Garrard – Jacksonville Jaguars
  14. Vince Young – Texas Titans
  15. Matt Leinart – Arizona Cardinals
  16. Jason Campbell – Washington Redskins
  17. Jay Cutler – Denver Broncos
  18. Philip Rivers – San Diego Chargers
  19. Matt Schaub – Houston Texans
  20. Jake Delhomme – Carolina Panthers

Just Missed (in no specific order): Jon Kitna, Detroit Lions; Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay Packers; Jeff Garcia, Tampa Bay Buccaneers; Alex Smith, San Francisco 49’ers; Matt Ryan, Atlanta Falcons; JaMarcus Russell, Oakland Raiders; Trent Edwards, Buffalo Bills

  • We spoke about Brett Favre earlier, so I’m not going to go through the same thing again here.  He’s one of the best QB in the league and the change of team’s isn’t going to change that.  How good he is going to be, well I guess that’s up to anyone’s opinion (Felipe and I disagree, as you can tell).
  • Matt Ryan will probably be given every opportunity to start for the Falcons right out of the gate, as the team desperately needs a new face to the franchise.  He has Joe Horn and Michael Jenkins as receivers, so he has decent targets to throw to.  Still, as a rookie, I wouldn’t expect a huge season from him year 1.  Year 2, however, could be a drastically different story.
  • Speaking of year 2, JaMarcus Russell enters his second NFL season.  I have to think last year’s #1 pick will be starting this season and certainly should be worth a late round flyer.  Even if he doesn’t pan out, he’s going to be your back-up QB, so how big of a loss is it?
  • Was the run through the playoffs Eli Manning’s coming out party or just a mirage?  I can’t say for sure, but the one thing I do know is that Manning will be better then he has been in year’s past.  I know he will not have Jeremy Shockey as a target, but some would say that it was addition by subtraction, since the team is now solely Eli’s.  I can see that thinking and believe there will be some truth behind it.  He’s certainly worth owning if you miss out on the top names.
  • Philip Rivers has struggled since replacing Drew Brees as the Chargers starting QB.  He does lack a big-time receiver, which has an impact on his production, even though LaDanian Tomlinson is in the backfield.
  • Matt Leinart has plenty of weapons to throw to in Larry Fitzgerald and Anquan Boldin, two receivers who have the ability to make big plays.  If he takes the majority of the snaps, he could have a big season.  That’s a big if, however, with Kurt Warner pushing him for playing time.  That’s the only reason why I wouldn’t draft him to be your starter.
  • I like Derek Anderson, but with Brady Quinn waiting in the wings, he is a risky pick as your starter.  If you do take him, just be sure to get a safe, high-level back up.  If he gets off to a slow start, I’d be worried about him finding himself on the bench.
  • At 33 and coming off a year in which he played just 3 games, I would not consider Jake Delhomme as one of the top QB’s in the league.  Still, as a back up late in the draft, I don’t think you could do much better.  With Steve Smith and D.J. Hackett as his weapons, he has the chance to produce like a #1 QB.  He’s the guy I’m going to target for my bench, no matter who I end up with as my starter.
  • Despite his struggles, I still think Jay Cutler is going to turn into a good QB.  I wouldn’t target him as my starter, but along with Delhomme, he’s the guy I’d want as my back-up. 
  • Aaron Rodgers will have a good year considering the Green Bay team around him. The running game will give him support and if the game againts the Dallas Cowboys last year is any indication of things to come, he will be a star QB. We can’t afford to rank him right now due to this being the first season, but we are expecting good things out of him.


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