Top 40 Outfielders (2019): OBP Formats: Who Rises & Who Falls?


Obviously when we change the format of our leagues the rankings need to be altered. One of the popular changes going to day is the move away from AVG and towards OBP as a league category. So who rises and who falls?

As with AVG formats, here are a few things to remember as you review the rankings (and if you want to see even deeper rankings, make sure to order our 2019 Fantasy Baseball Draft Guide that includes a Top 30 for OBP formats, by clicking here):

  • A player being ranked #3 doesn’t mean you should draft him in that spot. In most cases you shouldn’t have to, it just shows the potential value that he holds.
  • These rankings are based on our projections and expected production for 2019.

Who are the names we should trust?  Who should be ignored? Let’s dive in and take a look:

  1. Mike Trout – Los Angeles Angels
  2. Mookie Betts – Boston Red Sox
  3. Bryce Harper – Philadelphia Phillies
  4. Aaron Judge – New York Yankees
  5. J.D. Martinez – Boston Red Sox
  6. Giancarlo Stanton – New York Yankees
  7. Christian Yelich – Milwaukee Brewers
  8. Andrew Benintendi – Boston Red Sox
  9. Juan Soto – Washington Nationals
  10. Cody Bellinger – Los Angeles Angels
  11. Ronald Acuna – Atlanta Braves
  12. Rhys Hoskins – Philadelphia Phillies
  13. Khris Davis – Oakland A’s
  14. Mitch Haniger – Seattle Mariners
  15. Kris Bryant – Chicago Cubs
  16. Charlie Blackmon – Colorado Rockies
  17. Michael Conforto – New York Mets
  18. Yasiel Puig – Cincinnati Reds
  19. Whit Merrifield – Kansas City Royals
  20. Andrew McCutchen – Philadelphia Phillies


  • The biggest surprise on this list is probably the inclusion of Andrew McCutchen, who jumps from #32 on our standard rankings.  He obviously gets a boost from the addition of Bryce Harper, as McCutchen appears primed to hit atop of an impressive lineup.  While he’s not the player he used to be, in OBP formats there’s a lot working in his favor as he moves to a more favorable ballpark, a better lineup and has always proven capable of drawing walks (13.9% in ’18, 12.0% for his career).  Would it be surprising if he went for 25 HR, 100 R and a .365+ OBP?  Don’t overlook the upside.
  • Speaking of Harper, it’s easy to argue that he’s generally an overhyped option but it’s hard not to consider him one of the best options in OBP formats.  He owns a career 14.8% walk rate (17.2% or better in three of the past four seasons) and could easily post a 35/100/100 line.
  • Charlie Blackmon is often viewed as one of the better outfielders in the league, though his speed isn’t what it once was and he generally doesn’t draw many walks (9.0% is his career high).  That’s not to say that he isn’t a strong option, but he needs to be downgraded with the change to OBP.
  • We’ve taken a look at Kris Bryant and gave our 2019 projection, which you can read by clicking here. He may not be the same type of player as we want to perceive him to be, but he’s still a Top 50 option and if the price drops will hold value.


    • Top 20 may be pushing it, but if he opens in the Majors he’d likely be in the Top 30 with the upside of a Top 10-15


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