Trade Review: Bulger & Jackson for Kitna & Portis


The Rotoprofessor Challenge Fantasy League has seen it’s first trade, so I wanted to put it out there, give my thoughts and give everyone else a chance to share their thoughts.
The trade saw Barry trade Marc Bulger and Steven Jackson to Philly Phunters in exchange for Clinton Portis and Jon Kitna.  There really is no need to list the team’s rosters to evaluate this trade because it is clearly a starting QB and RB in exchange for a starting QB and RB.
Honestly, this is a type of trade that is purely your preference because all the players involved are very close.  Both Jackson and Portis are first round backs with Jackson being selected #3 and Portis #5.  Personally, I think Jackson has a bit more upside, especially considering he is just 2 years removed from a 1,500 yard, 13 TD season.

To me, he is one of the elite backs in the league.  I would expect him to turn it up within the next 2 weeks as he rounds into shape after missing the majority of training camp.  Does that mean I don’t like Portis?  Not at all, but if I had my choice it would be Jackson every time.  He could produce like the top back in the league and I just don’t see Portis as having that type of upside.
For the QB, I would also take Bulger over Kitna, but that is almost too close to call.  Kitna is extremely undervalued, coming off two straight seasons of over 4,000 yards.  Yeah, he throws 20 interceptions a year, but with the tremendous talent on the outside he should easily be able to produce at a high level again this season.
Bulger only played in 12 games last season and simply was not good in them, throwing for 2,392 yards and 11 TD while being intercepted 15 times.  Still, he was a significantly better QB in ’06, when he went for 4,301 yards, 24 TD and 8 interceptions.
Like in the Portis-Jackson debate, I just see Bulger as having more upside, though in a league that requires 2 QB’s you really can’t go wrong with either option.
So, based on the advantage in the Jackson-Portis part of the deal, I would give Philly’s Phunters the win in this trade.  What do you think?


  1. I agree with your analysis. However, I am extremely biased. Even though I picked him with my 5th pick I am not a big fan of Portis. This trade was done almost completely for Jackson. I think Kitna has more upside than Bulger but was willing to take what I think is a slight hit for Jackson. With Kurt Warner on my bench I am willing to take the risk.

  2. I like the kitna/portis side better.
    St. Louis appears to be a complete mess, on the level of Oakland, or worse. Though good players can have great fantasy seasons on terrible teams, in general I feel that it’s safer to avoid them.
    A culture of losing turns a locker room into a weekly wake. When you suck, it’s depressing. And people lose confidence in the scheme and the coach.
    I avoided Miami, St. Louis, and Oakland last year for this reason, and it served me well.
    Granted, the Redskins and the Lions also suck. The Lions wrote the book on institutional futility. But these two teams won’t flounder at the same transcendent level as will the Rams.
    The pre-season buzz on Bulger hasn’t been completely erased. Sell! Kitna’s no prize, but somebody has to throw the touchdowns that Calvin Johnson will catch.


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