Update on Braun


Tom Haudricourt of The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (click here for the post) has posted an update on leftfielder Ryan Braun.  Originally, it was reported that he left with “back tightness”, but the problem is actually “spasms in the ribcage on both sides”.  He’s considered day-to-day, but Haudricort says “it could be a few days before Braun is able to play again unless he makes a marked improvement”.

Time will tell, but if you’re in a weekly league, you definitely are in a tough spot now.  There’s no replacing the type of offense he produces.  Hopefully the reports of it just being a few days is accurate, but who really knows at this point. 

At least it’s not thought to be a muscle, as Braun is quoted as saying “I couldn’t breathe. It looked up on me. That’s why we think it’s spasms. It’s not one side so that’s a good thing”.


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