Waiver Wire Guidelines: Is The Recently Recalled Abraham Toro The Latest Must Add From Houston?


The Houston Astros recently recalled Abraham Toro from Triple-A as a fill-in at 3B, while Alex Bregman shifted to shortstop to fill the void created by Carlos Correa’s injury.  While he was strong at both Double and Triple-A, the question now is if he can carry that production into the Majors. 

First, let’s look at the numbers:

  • Double-A (376 AB) – .306 with 16 HR, 70 RBI, 65 R, 4 SB
  • Triple-A (66 AB) – .424 with 1 HR, 10 RBI, 17 R, 0 SB

Obviously the Triple-A numbers are too small of a sample size to draw conclusions from, though 10 BB vs. 5 K is an impressive number regardless.  Instead we need to focus on the Double-A production, where he added 22 doubles and 4 triples showing that there may be power upside in his bat.  There is the fear of the strikeout rate rising, as he had a 10.2% SwStr% and 17.7% strikeout rate, though even if he settles into the 22-25% range it wouldn’t be a big deal considering his ability to draw a walk (11.0% walk rate at Double-A).

That said there is a little bit more risk than that as Baseball America described him prior to the season by saying:

“Toro has short legs and his movements and mannerisms appear choppy and unathletic. But watch him over the course of a series or longer and it becomes apparent that he’s a better athlete than he looks. Toro has some length to his swing, but he has the bat speed and whip to make it work. He projects to hit 15-20 home runs over a full season and has an average bat as well.”

Major League pitchers could expose the “length” in his swing, though he has yet to strikeout in his first 8 AB in the Majors.  That’s something to watch closely, and he also may not be able to add significant power (though he should provide a little bit of pop).

It’s possible that he produces in a short spurt, and that’s likely all he’s going to get in the Majors.  Correa is expected to return after a short rehab stint early in September (according to Brian McTaggart via Twitter), meaning Toro may only get AB for the next two weeks or so.  Keep that in mind before making a bold move to grab him, especially since there could be some struggles along the way.

Fantasy Waiver Wire Guidelines:

  • 10 Team League – Don’t Add
  • 12 Team League – Potential Streaming Option
  • 14+ Team League – Potential Streaming Option
  • AL-Only League – Worth Add
  • Keeper/Dynasty – Worth Add

Sources – MILB.com, Fangraphs, Baseball America


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