Waiver Worthy: One Man’s Trash Can Become Your Treasure (Two Castoffs To Consider)


by Will Overton

We’re about three weeks into the season which is a prime time to play a little, as one man’s trash can quickly become your treasure. By that I mean this is the time where owners get fed with their slow starters and make some not so well thought out drops.

I remember a few years ago in my 10 team league Carlos Gonzalez got cut about a month into the season after a horrid start. I picked him up and let him sit on my bench a few weeks, then he broke out and had a monster season that went a long way towards helping me win the title.

Now not everyone who starts slow and gets dropped is worth picking up. Today we’re looking at guys who have become one man’s trash, who I believe can be become fantasy gold:

Jackie Bradley Jr. – OF, Boston Red Sox
This isn’t a Carlos Gonzalez level pickup, but adding Bradley now and riding out the next little bit with him on your bench should pay off in the long run. Bradley is known to be a slow starter, and last season he still ended with 13 HR and 17 SB.

I think it could be a bit of an outlier, but it was just a couple seasons ago that he hit 26 HR. Even if that’s unrealistic, he clearly has 15 HR ability and a 15/15 guy off the waiver wire is a pretty great deal. The other perk is the leash to work things out should be long given how great he is defensively.

Chris Taylor – SS/OF, Los Angeles Dodgers
I bring Taylor up with a little bit of hesitancy, because I do believe the Dodgers are deep enough that he could lose some playing time if the slump is too prolonged. I believe in the talent enough that I don’t think it’ll be too prolonged though. He may not be a make or break guy, but there is a lot of potential value here.

Taylor will likely end up with around a 15/15 season at the end of the day with the upside for even more HR. He plays a variety of positions, so even though he currently is eligible at just SS and OF, it won’t be a surprise to see 2B and 3B added to the mix ( which really does go a long way for someone who you are just picking up off the wire). There is certainly enough reason to believe he’ll come around that I think it’s worth gambling on him becoming a treasure on your team.


  1. What do you make of Travis Shaw’s bad start? I’m trying to get rid of Joey Votto, which is proving to be a task. I’m trying to find a target who has somehow been worse than Votto.

    • It’s a slow start and nothing more. If you can buy him I wouldn’t hesitate, but I’m going to dig in a little bit more and do an article shortly


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