Week 1 Rankings (2020): Top 25 Quarterbacks: Are There Any Big Names That We Should Be Ignoring?


We have very little data to go on, with the preseason being completely scraped, so how much should we stray from our preseason rankings when setting our Week 1 lineups? Obviously we think we know about matchups and new weapons and various other things, but as we all know the NFL can be quite unpredictable. Often times what we think we know turns out to be nothing more than a hope, so keep that in mind before doing anything dramatic with your opening week lineup.

With that said, let’s get to the rankings:

  1. Patrick Mahomes – Kansas City Chiefs – vs. Houston
  2. Lamar Jackson – Baltimore Ravens – vs. Cleveland
  3. Dak Prescott – Dallas Cowboys – at Los Angeles Rams
  4. Russell Wilson – Seattle Seahawks – at Atlanta
  5. Josh Allen – Buffalo Bills – vs. New York Jets
  6. Matt Ryan – Atlanta Falcons – vs. Seattle
  7. Deshaun Watson – Houston Texans – at Kansas City
  8. Kyler Murray – Arizona Cardinals – at San Francisco
  9. Carson Wentz – Philadelphia Eagles – at Washington
  10. Drew Brees – New Orleans Saints – vs. Tampa Bay
  11. Tom Brady – Tampa Bay Buccaneers – at New Orleans
  12. Ben Roethlisberger – Pittsburgh Steelers – at New York Giants
  13. aron Rodgers – Green Bay Packers – at Minnesota
  14. Cam Newton – New England Patriots – vs. Miami
  15. Philip Rivers – Indianapolis Colts – at Jacksonville
  16. Matthew Stafford – Detroit Lions – vs. Chicago
  17. Jared Goff – Los Angeles Rams – vs. Dallas
  18. Ryan Tannehill – Tennessee Titans – at Denver
  19. Daniel Jones – New York Giants – vs. Pittsburgh
  20. Jimmy Garoppolo – San Francisco 49ers – vs. Arizona
  21. Teddy Bridgewater – Carolina Panthers – vs. Las Vegas
  22. Tyrod Taylor – Los Angeles Chargers – at Cincinnati
  23. Gardner Minshew II – Jacksonville Jaguars – vs. Indianapolis
  24. Kirk Cousins – Minnesota Vikings – vs. Green Bay
  25. Baker Mayfield – Cleveland Browns – at Baltimore


  • While the Rams and Chiefs could devolve into a shootout, you have to wonder how the Houston offense will fare.  With DeAndre Hopkins now in Arizona, Watson is going to have to lean on Will Fuller, Brandin Cooks and Randall Cobb to make plays.  Of course with a questionable running game the ball will be in Watson’s hands a lot, though we’d be cautious with him if possible.  That said, he remains a QB1 despite the Week 1 questions.
  • Speaking of Arizona, Murray has a lot of upside this season but how will he fare against the 49ers in Week 1?  He proved that he could make plays with his legs against San Francisco last season (101 rushing yards and 1 TD in two games), and the passing attack should be significantly improved with the addition of Hopkins.  The matchup does drag down his upside in Week 1, though he should remain a QB1 and could be a Top 5 option in other weeks.
  • Josh Allen only played one full game against the Jets last season, and it came in Week 1.  Of course he had 2 TD (1 passing, 1 running) to go with 254 yards in the air and 38 on the ground.  With Buffalo adding Stefon Diggs this offseason and the Jets defense questionable, at best, it’s fair to expect an even bigger performance in Week 1.
  • Last year against the Vikings Aaron Rodgers threw for 425 yards, 2 TD and 1 INT (and the last matchup he had against them in 2018 he only threw for 198 yards).  We all know he has value and could post big numbers, but this is a tough matchup and he’s not the same quarterback that he once was.  He’s more of a mid-level QB2, so don’t buy into the name at this point (at least for Week 1).
  • Whether or not Daniel Jones is ready to take the next step forward or not remains to be seen, but there’s a good chance he stumbles in Week 1 against the Steelers.  Hopefully he’ll be able to correct the fumbling issues he had in 2019, but it’s not a gamble we’d be willing to take outside of being a QB2.
  • Tyrod Taylor may be just keeping the seat warm until the Chargers are ready to turn the reigns over to Justin Herbert, but that doesn’t mean he can’t make an impact when he’s starting.  He certainly has the Week 1 matchup to make some noise, so if you need a QB2 don’t overlook him.

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Sources – NFL.com, ESPN


  1. I drafted Aaron Rodgers and Matt Stafford. Drew Brees just became available. Which one should I drop to pick up Brees. This is a 1 QB std 12 team league. How much waiver wire $ should I spend? $100 budget with FA after waiver wire is complete.


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