Week 10 Rankings (2020): Top 15 Defenses


by Ray Kuhn

Just because the Jets are on a bye week and we are without one of our usual punching bags, it doesn’t mean we are without teams to target. There are offenses struggling around the league and there aren’t many that truly scare me from a defensive perspective. Let’s take a look at how our options rank for this week:

  1. Baltimore Ravens – at New England
  2. Green Bay Packers – vs. Jacksonville
  3. Pittsburgh Steelers – vs. Cincinnati
  4. Chicago Bears – vs. Minnesota
  5. Philadelphia Eagles – at NY Giants
  6. Indianapolis Colts – at Tennessee
  7. New Orleans Saints – vs. San Francisco
  8. Minnesota Vikings – at Chicago
  9. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – at Carolina
  10. New York Giants – vs. Philadelphia
  11. Detroit Lions – vs. Washington
  12. Tennessee Titans – vs. Indianapolis
  13. New England Patriots – vs. Baltimore
  14. Los Angeles Chargers – at Miami
  15. Washington Football Team – at Detroit


  • With just 11 TD passes, Joe Burrow is having trouble finding the end zone on a consistent basis and things will likely get tougher for him this week against Pittsburgh. Through eight games the Steelers have allowed an average of 20 points her game while showing an ability to get to the quarterback with 32 sacks. Turnovers also haven’t been an issue with 11 interceptions and four fumble recoveries, and that success should continue,
  • Their late game, garbage time, comeback from last week notwithstanding, Chicago’s offense isn’t going to generate much fear for opposing defenses. There have been some big games from a scoring perspective against the Vikings but I just don’t see the Bears scoring 30 points. With 16 sacks and just six interceptions the upside is limited for Minnesota, but Chicago has made opposing defenses into a Top 10 options so that is why our interest is piqued.
  • We are living in strange times, and New England has emerged as an offense to target. Cam Newton simply is not Tom Brady and the Patriots are struggling to throw the ball downfield. Granted the weapons aren’t there, but this is no longer an offense that scares me and it is apparent in how opposing defenses are performing against them. What the Ravens lack in interceptions, four, they make up for with 10 fumble recoveries and 24 sacks. Perhaps even more impressive is the fact that the Ravens are holding opposing offenses to just 136 points through eight games so far this season.

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