Week 14 Rankings (2019): Top 25 Quarterbacks


For most the Fantasy Playoffs are set to begin, so the timing of some difficult matchups is going to be a concern. At the same time now isn’t the time to get cute, and you aren’t about to sit an elite option. Who are the trustworthy options? Who should we avoid? Let’s take a look:

  1. Lamar Jackson – Baltimore Ravens – at Buffalo
  2. Patrick Mahomes – Kansas City Chiefs – at New England
  3. Deshaun Watson – Houston Texans – vs. Denver
  4. Kirk Cousins – Minnesota Vikings – vs. Detroit
  5. Russell Wilson – Seattle Seahawks – at Los Angeles Rams
  6. Aaron Rodgers – Green Bay Packers – vs. Washington
  7. Dak Prescott – Dallas Cowboys – vs. Chicago
  8. Carson Wentz – Philadelphia Eagles – vs. New York Giants
  9. Jameis Winston – Tampa Bay Buccaneers – vs. Indianapolis
  10. Drew Brees – New Orleans Saints – vs. San Francisco
  11. Josh Allen – Buffalo Bills – vs. Baltimore
  12. Ryan Tannehill – Tennessee Titans – at Oakland
  13. Sam Darnold – New York Jets – vs. Miami
  14. Tom Brady – New England Patriots – vs. Kansas City
  15. Jacoby Brissett – Indianapolis Colts – at Tampa Bay
  16. Kyler Murray – Arizona Cardinals – vs. Pittsburgh
  17. Matt Ryan – Atlanta Falcons – vs. Carolina
  18. Jared Goff – Los Angeles Rams – vs. Seattle
  19. Ryan Fitzpatrick – Miami Dolphins – at New York Jets
  20. Derek Carr – Oakland Raiders – vs. Tennessee
  21. Baker Mayfield – Cleveland Browns – vs. Cincinnati
  22. Mitchell Trubisky – Chicago Bears – at Dallas
  23. Daniel Jones – New York Giants – at Philadelphia
  24. Kyle Allen – Carolina Panthers – at Atlanta
  25. Jimmy Garoppolo – San Francisco 49ers – at New Orleans


  • Lamar Jackson once again proved that he can pile up the stats regardless of the matchup.  He did lose a fumble against the 49ers in Week 13, but he also threw for one touchdown while running for 106 yards and 1 TD.  Buffalo represents another difficult battle, but he remains the top option regardless.
  • Jackson isn’t the only top quarterback drawing a tough matchup, with Patrick Mahomes (at New England) and Deshaun Watson (vs. Denver) also facing some of the best in the league.  They remain usable options, of course, but it’s fair to downgrade them a little bit.  Mahomes definitely stays elevated up the rankings, after watching Watson & Jackson produce against the Patriots in recent weeks.
  • While Russell Wilson hasn’t put up big numbers in recent weeks (241 yards or fewer in four of his past five games), the last time he faced the Rams he torched them for 268 yards, 4 TD and 0 INT.  Considering some of the other matchups and uncertainty that fantasy owners need to maneuver around, that’s enough to make him one of the better options in the league.
  • Dak Prescott has faced some tough challenges in recent weeks, and while he struggled against the Patriots the Dallas passing game has otherwise shined.  That includes torching the Bills on Thanksgiving (355 yards, 2 TD and 1 INT), and he has 2+ TD in four of his past five games.  The Bears are another tough defense, though they didn’t look spectacular against David Blough in Week 13 (280 yards, 2 TD, 1 INT) and that’s going to keep Prescott as a locked in QB1.
  • Carson Wentz has thrown the ball at least 39 times in four straight games and showed what he can do in Week 13 against a sub par defense and with the full allotment of his weapons.  Taking on the Dolphins he threw for 310 yards, 3 TD and 1 INT, and he now gets a New York Giants’ defense that’s young and easy to capitalize on.  That’s the type of mix you want to exploit, especially with the fantasy playoffs getting ready to begin.
  • Baltimore has been a dominating defense in recent weeks, and that’s going to make it more difficult to trust Josh Allen as a QB1.  Obviously his ability to make plays with his legs can help to overcome the matchup, but he’s much better deployed as a high-end QB2 then someone to depend on.
  • While Ryan Tannehill isn’t posting big numbers in terms of yards (his past three games have been 181, 259 and 182), he has 2 TD in each of these three games.  He also is capable of making plays with his legs, including 3 rushing TD in his past four games.  Considering Oakland has allowed 27 TD vs. 8 INT on the season, he’s a good bet to keep the good times rolling.
  • Jacoby Brissett has a favorable matchup against the Buccaneers, but he’s struggled of late with 2 TD vs. 3 INT over his past five games.  Included in this stretch is four games with 202 passing yards or fewer and he hasn’t consistently broken plays with his legs (141 rushing yards overall on the season).  We’d love to say that he’s a must start against a team he should be able to exploit, but it’s not a guarantee given his recent performance.
  • Who would’ve guessed that Mitchell Trubisky would find his footing and becoming a viable option?  He actually put up big numbers against the Lions (338 yards, 3 TD and 1 INT) and has 616 yards over his past two starts.  A matchup against the Cowboys isn’t ideal, but he is on QB2 radars with his recent performances.

Sources – NFL.com, ESPN

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  1. Non-PPR Have Brees , can add either to my team Wentz, Tannehill or Fitzpatrick. Clinched playoff spot . Playoffs are weeks 14 & 15. Brees kinda hit or miss point wise. Who would start this week?

  2. You are the first I have seen to rank Cousins over Russ……I have both in a 6pts/ passing TD league.

    DO you use 4 pts or 6 pts/TD for your ranks?

    I’m favored to win….I’m considering starting Russ assuming he has a higher floor ….do you agree in my scenario?


    • I generally go with 4 pts per TD. As for who to start, it’s a coin flip since they are back-to-back on the rankings. I wouldn’t argue if you are more comfortable going Wilson


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