Week 15 Rankings (2020): Top 15 Defenses


by Ray Kuhn

For me it’s all about the turnovers, and therefore maximizing your point total. Obviously the stronger the defense the better, but the real value comes out of those turnovers and perhaps a touchdown. Let’s take a look at how our options rank for this week:

  1. Baltimore Ravens – vs. Jacksonville
  2. Los Angeles Rams – vs. NY Jets
  3. Pittsburgh Steelers – at Cincinnati
  4. Miami Dolphins – vs. New England
  5. Seattle Seahawks – at Washington
  6. Cleveland Browns – at NY Giants
  7. Arizona Cardinals – vs. Philadelphia
  8. San Francisco 49ers – at Dallas
  9. Washington Football Team – vs. Seattle
  10. Indianapolis Colts – vs. Houston
  11. Tennessee Titans – vs. Detroit
  12. Buffalo Bills – at Denver
  13. Green Bay Packers – vs. Carolina
  14. New York Giants – vs. Cleveland
  15. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – at Atlanta


  • Things have not exactly gone according to plan for the Tennessee defense, but they are in a good position this week against a Detroit team that will likely be missing Matthew Stafford. What we are really looking for is for the Titans to build on the 12 interceptions they have on the season. At 20% ownership in ESPN leagues, Tennessee is also likely your best bet among waiver wire options.
  • With good reason, San Francisco has a 22% surge in ownership this week as they get ready to face a Dallas offense that is clearly not firing on all cylinders. Ezekiel Elliot has looked like a shell of his former self and Andy Dalton isn’t a quarterback who generates much in the way of fear. Again we aren’t talking about a standout squad when it comes to turnovers (11 interceptions and seven fumble recoveries), but the risk is minimal. Once we get past the obvious options and the targeting the usual suspects such as the Jets and Jaguars, we have to dig a little deeper.
  • There is no disputing Russell Wilson’s success so far this season, but there is a flaw in Seattle’s offense. Entering Week 15 he has been sacked 40 times and that happens to be Washington’s total to this point as well. It would be nice if Washington had more than 12 interceptions but they have done a solid job at limiting opposing offenses, and coupled with their proficiency at the rushing the quarterback they could be in for a solid week.


  1. What’s going on roto!
    Kc or Buffalo? Arizona is on the wire, with picking up?

    Need 1 WR: Kupp, diontae Johnson, or AB. R Higgins is on the waiver. Worth picking up?!
    Tonyan or Andrews?


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