Week 2 Rankings (2019): Top 15 Defenses


While we don’t want to overreact there is now one week of actual, on field performance to consider when reviewing our options for Team Defense. Yes the data is there, but at the same time you don’t want to overreact to said data. We also have to keep in mind that with so many star players not appearing at all in the preseason, some rust is still being shaken off. With that in mind let’s jump right into how our options rank for this week:

  1. New England Patriots – at Miami
  2. Baltimore Ravens – vs. Arizona Cardinals
  3. Carolina Panthers – vs. Tampa Bay
  4. Houston Texans – vs. Jacksonville
  5. Dallas Cowboys – at Washington
  6. Denver Broncos – vs. Chicago
  7. Tennessee Titans – vs. Indianapolis
  8. Chicago Bears – at Denver
  9. San Francisco 49ers – at Cincinnati
  10. Cleveland Browns – at NY Jets
  11. Kansas City Chiefs – at Oakland
  12. Cincinnati Bengals – vs. San Francisco
  13. Pittsburgh Steelers – vs. Seattle
  14. Buffalo Bills – at NY Giants
  15. Los Angeles Chargers – at Detroit


  • As far as the defense that I’m targeting in most of my leagues, should I not like the existing match-up, let’s take a look at San Francisco. In a game that some expected to be a high-flying, explosive offensive affair, the 49ers’ defense ended up being the highest scoring defense of the week. A great deal of the credit has to, and should, go to San Francisco but it remains to be seen how much of their success should be placed on the shoulders of the opposing quarterback; Jameis Winston. For starters the 49ers aren’t going to score two touchdowns every week, but it is a good sign for their defense to see them pick up three interceptions and three sacks while also forcing a fumble. The Bengals’ offense isn’t going to be confused with a juggernaut, and San Francisco should be able to take advantage of the situation.
  • Even though he has 10 days to prepare for this start, Mitch Trubisky didn’t look like he was going scare anyone as the Bears managed just three points to start the season. This week Chicago travels to Denver, which is certainly not an easy place to play. Factor in the Broncos losing last week, and things aren’t likely to get much better for Trubisky. For a defense that came into the season with some buzz, it wasn’t a good sign to see Denver go without a turnover or a sack, but that should change.
  • It’s going to get old highlighting this each week, but if you are looking for a DFS target, quite simply just go after whoever is facing the Dolphins. It’s honestly surprising to see how Miami managed even 10 points last week, and practically by the minute the point spread just continues to grow. Combine that with New England absolutely shutting down Pittsburgh last week, although it’s unclear how good their offense actually is, and things are looking good for the Patriots. I would look for the Patriots to build on their one interception and one sack performance.

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