Week 3 Rankings (2019): Top 15 Defenses


I’m not going to do it… It’s obvious and sticks out like a sore thumb, and you don’t need me to highlight it for you. Whoever is playing the Dolphins each week, and at this point the Jets, needs to be targeted and is generally going to be one of the best options of the week. Once Sam Darnold returns and shows that he is healthy the Jets will still be a good option to stream against, but it’s not as glaring as it is this week. So now that I’ve tipped my hand regarding the rankings, let’s jump into how our options look for this week:

  1. New England Patriots – vs. NY Jets
  2. Dallas Cowboys – vs. Miami
  3. Buffalo Bills – vs. Cincinnati
  4. Tennessee Titans – at Jacksonville
  5. Los Angeles Rams – at Cleveland
  6. Green Bay Packers – vs. Denver
  7. Chicago Bears – at Washington
  8. Jacksonville Jaguars – vs. Tennessee
  9. Arizona Cardinals – vs. Carolina
  10. LA Chargers – vs. Houston
  11. Philadelphia Eagles – vs. Detroit
  12. San Francisco 49ers – vs. Pittsburgh
  13. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – vs. NY Giants
  14. Carolina Panthers – at Arizona
  15. Seattle Seahawks – vs. New Orleans


  • As of now, Cam Newton is slated to be sidelined this week with a foot injury, and even if that should change he is a shell of himself. That leaves Kyle Allen, yes I have never heard of the second year player either, under center against the Cardinals and that should add up for a good fantasy day for Arizona’s defense. The Cardinals should be able to come up with their first interception of the season on Sunday while also adding to the five sacks they haves. Without Newton there isn’t much in the way of firepower on Carolina’s offense, as Arizona can simply stack the box against Christian McCaffrey. It’s also difficult to truly hold last week’s performance against Arizona, as it did come against Lamar Jackson. We know Allen won’t come close to posing a similar threat.
  • The Rams haven’t really jumped off the page at us yet this season, but it is also clear that they are one of the top options in the league. The Browns do have their share of offensive firepower on paper, but through the first two weeks that has yet to translate into an offensive explosion. I would venture to guess that it will likely be delayed at least one more week. Baker Mayfield has thrown four interceptions so far this season, so the Rams should be able to add to the two they have, and I would have expected to see the Browns score more than 23 points against the Jets last week, but they ended up settling for a lot of field goals. Los Angeles should also be able to rack up a few sacks on Sunday, they have five and Cleveland has allowed eight, in what should be a solid game for one of the better defenses.
  • So far this season the Packers have been one of the better fantasy defenses, and as they face Denver at home this week I would expect to see that continue. As far as quarterbacks go Joe Flacco isn’t going to scare anyone, and the Broncos don’t have any imposing offensive weapons. At the same time Flacco has played things conservatively this year, and while Denver won’t put up a lot of points (lowering the risk), they have only thrown one interception. With five turnovers (three interceptions and two fumble recoveries) and six sacks, Green Bay has generated a solid amount of production.

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