Week 7 Rankings (2019): Top 15 Defenses


I wrote the article and you are here reading it, so hopefully we share the same feelings about the importance of your fantasy defense. I’m not here to say it’s more important than your running back or that you should be trading Chris Carson for the New England defense, but at the same time it’s not a roster decision we can just gloss over it either.

Let’s take a look at how our options rank for this week. As far as our comments go, I am avoiding digging deeper into the obvious targets (i.e. those teams facing the Redskins, Dolphins and elite options like the Patriots):

  1. Buffalo Bills – vs. Miami
  2. San Francisco 49ers – at Washington
  3. Jacksonville Jaguars – at Cincinnati
  4. LA Chargers – at Tennessee
  5. New England Patriots – at NY Jets
  6. New Orleans Saints – at Chicago
  7. Chicago Bears – vs. New Orleans
  8. LA Rams – at Atlanta
  9. Arizona Cardinals – at NY Giants
  10. NY Giants – vs. Arizona
  11. Minnesota Vikings – at Detroit
  12. Kansas City Chiefs – at Denver
  13. Seattle Seahawks – vs. Baltimore
  14. Atlanta Falcons – vs. LA Rams
  15. Washington Redskins – vs. San Francisco


  • When a team is excited about Ryan Tannehill starting you know there is a problem. That is the case for the Titans, and that means we will target the Chargers defense for a second straight week. Last week we tried it against the Steelers and their third string quarterback, and while it didn’t work perfectly it wasn’t a negative week either. So far this season the Chargers have 12 sacks, but against a very hospitable offensive line (a large part of the reason why Marcus Mariota struggled so much, which lead to his benching), they should be able to get to a not very explosive Tannehill. In general the Titans haven’t showed much in the way of offensive firepower, and opposing defenses have been Top 10 options against them.
  • Target the Rams? Is that really a plausible strategy? The Rams offense this year isn’t the same we saw last year, as Jared Goff has looked quite mortal. Couple that with Todd Gurley’s health issues and the Rams issues on the road (let alone with what is essentially a 10 AM start for them this week) and the Falcons might be a solid, under the radar, option this week. The problem is that the Falcons have just two interceptions and five sacks so far this season, so you are digging deep here, but it might be worth a shot as the Rams have made opposing defenses a Top 10 options.
  • When we think of the Chiefs we think of offense, as their defense has lost a step this season. That said they shouldn’t be forgotten about either. When you think of explosive offenses Joe Flacco and the Broncos don’t jump off the page. Despite their recent struggles in defending the running game, the Chiefs are still a low risk option. Kansas City has generated 10 turnovers (six interceptions and four fumble recoveries) along with 11 sacks on the season.

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