Week 8 Rankings (2019): Top 15 Defenses


With so many bad offenses out there, the best advice we can give this season is to choose your opponent wisely. Of course some defenses are better than others, we have teams like the Patriots, and those teams require an extra level of respect. Remember, it is a history of sacks and interceptions we are targeting (from either side) and any touchdowns we get are a nice bonus. So let’s jump into how this week’s options rank:

  1. Indianapolis Colts – vs. Denver
  2. New England Patriots – vs. Cleveland
  3. Los Angeles Rams – vs. Cincinnati
  4. Pittsburgh Steelers – vs. Miami
  5. Jacksonville Jaguars – vs. NY Jets
  6. Detroit Lions – vs. NY Giants
  7. New Orleans Saints – vs. Arizona
  8. Minnesota Vikings – vs. Washington
  9. Tennessee Titans – vs. Tampa Bay
  10. Philadelphia Eagles – at Buffalo
  11. Seattle Seahawks – at Atlanta
  12. Chicago Bears – vs. LA Chargers
  13. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – at Tennessee
  14. Los Angeles Chargers – at Chicago
  15. Green Bay Packers – at Kansas City


  • After what Kansas City did to the Denver offense last week (nine sacks, a fumble recovery, a TD and only six points against), why not target the Broncos once again? After all Joe Flacco hasn’t gotten anymore mobile or intimidating over the last 10 days, and Denver’s offensive line hasn’t changed. Additionally, with Emmanuel Sanders traded to San Francisco there is one less weapon at Flacco’s disposal. Flacco clearly doesn’t do well under pressure, and the Colts should be able to capitalize this week as they add to their 16 sacks and four interceptions.
  • With Saquon Barkley back the thought was that we would see some improvement out of the Giants’ offense. Instead things just did not look good for New York when Arizona came to town and it was hard to imagine an offensive line looking that much worse. Daniel Jones was pressured on a consistent basis, and he just never had a chance to lead the Giants back to victory as he simply didn’t have time to throw. Despite the fact that the Vikings put up 42 points on them last week, the Lions have still proven themselves to be a solid team. Playing at home helps and while three interceptions and 10 sacks isn’t going to jump off the page at anyone, the Cardinals picked up eight sacks and their first interception of the season last week in New York. So why not Detroit?
  • The Washington offense hasn’t done much of anything yet this season, they have no weapons that stand out, and they are on a short week with Adrian Peterson hampered by an ankle injury. As they travel to Minnesota, a borderline Top 10 defense on the season, things don’t exactly look good for the Redskins. I wouldn’t hold the 30 points they gave up to the Lions last week against them, as in their other six games they are averaging just over 15 points per game against. With the way things are going for the Redskins they would be lucky to even reach 15 points, and with seven interceptions and 19 sacks so far this season Minnesota is in strong position to add to those numbers.

Sources ā€“ ESPN, NFL.com

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  1. 14 Team, 1/2 PPR. Whoa Buffalo not even ranked? !?!? That’s who I currently have and safely assume you’re going to say dump them so…New Orleans, Houston (also not ranked) or Green Bay?

    • “dance with the girl that brung you”…those were my initial thoughts but a little nervous that they weren’t even ranked?!?!?


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