Yankees News (Joba, Cano and more)


A little bit of Yankees news from everyone this afternoon:

  • Kat O’Brien of New York Newsday (click here for the post) talks about an appearance Jorge Posada made on “Centerstage” for the YES Channel, which is set to air on September 28.  In regards to Joba Chamberlain he was quoted on the show as saying “I think if you start him and he pitches 200 inning in one year, you’re going to lose. He’s going to get hurt I don’t see him as a starter”.  That certainly should tell everyone something, though take it for what it is worth.  At this point it looks like we are going to enter 2009 the same way we did 2008, unsure of the role Chamberlain will fill for the club.  That certainly has an influence on his value on draft day.
  • In a seperate post (click here), O’Brien also notes that Robinson Cano is not in tonight’s Yankees line-up after he “was benched for not hustling on a play in yesterday’s game”.  It certainly hurts his owners, but it is not like Cano was performing at such a high level to begin with.  We can only hope this serves as a wake-up call for him and he comes back firing, whenever it is that he returns to the line-up.
  • In that same post, O’Brien notes that the Yankees have recalled Humberto Sanchez and Francisco Cervelli.  Neither hold much value at this point, however.


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